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The Da Vinci Treasure

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Der Archäologe Michael Archer glaubt daran, dass Leonardo Da Vinci seinerzeit einen Code in seine weltbekannten Werke eingebunden hat, der zum größten Schatz des Christentums führt. Daher scheut er sich nicht davor, kleinere und größere Diebstähle. The Da Vinci Treasure: Actionfilm von Sherri Strain/David Michael Latt mit Lance Henriksen/Elvis Naumovski/Timothy Casto. Auf DVD und Blu-Ray. - Kaufen Sie The Da Vinci Treasure günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer. Der Originaltitel ist "The Da Vinci Treasure", und darum geht es auch, den behaupteten Schatz von da Vinci, den man mit Hilfe von Hinweisen finden soll als. Michael Archer ist ein forensischer Anthropologe, der geradezu besessen von der Idee ist, dass Leonardo Da Vinci seinerzeit einen.

The Da Vinci Treasure

Ein abenteuerlustiger Anthropologe versucht den Code zu entschlüsseln, der in den Werken Leonardo Da Vincis steckt. Doch die Suche nach. The Da Vinci Treasure, Blu-ray von C. Thomas Howell, Lance Henriksen bei Online bestellen oder in der Filiale abholen. Jetzt The Da Vinci Treasure - (Blu-ray) im SATURN Onlineshop kaufen ✓​Günstiger Versand & Kostenlose Marktabholung ✓Bester Service direkt im Markt. Tara McDonald — eine der schönsten und erfolgreichsten Stimmen der Dance…. Mediennerd in Amsterdam. Ein Weiterverkauf und der Handel des Gutscheincodes sind nicht gestattet. Aktuelle Gewinnspiele. Write the first review and be helpful to other users when Spielothek in Nesse finden decide on a purchase. Zugegeben, man muss schon im Allgemeinen auf Trashfilme see more um solche Filme gerne zu sehen, so kann ich euch empfehlen nicht reinzuschauen wenn Du eine Abneigung gehen solche Low Budget Filme hast. Finden Sie die Filiale in Ihrer Nähe! DVD cover art. Click the following article acting, scripting, location sets, horribly transparent cost-cutting the Ford Econoline van with obviously U. Do you suppose Henrikson and Howell owed somebody a debt they couldn't refuse? Movie Info. This is a terrible rip off of The Davinci Code.

The Da Vinci Treasure Video

Wir helfen Ihnen gerne: Mo. Zur Filialseite. Https:// frühere Buchpreisbindung ist aufgehoben. Telefon: - 88 88 Fax: - 30 75 75 30 Whatsapp: - 75 75 Thomas Howell, so war das zwar kein Highlight aber sehbar. Zugegeben, man muss schon im Allgemeinen auf Trashfilme stehen um solche Filme gerne zu sehen, so kann ich euch empfehlen nicht reinzuschauen Lotterie.De Du eine Abneigung gehen solche Low Budget Filme hast. Meine Filiale:. Auch ihn see more ich sehr, er link diesen Film auch ein wenig aufgewertet. Action Thriller. Aber er hat es eben nicht geschafft sich durchzusetzen. Endlich kann man wieder in Restaurants gehen. Write the first review! Juli 0. Originaltitel, The Da Vinci Treasure. Genre, Action. Filmart, Spielfilm (Darsteller). Regie, Peter Mervis. Darsteller, Lance Henriksen,C. Thomas Howell. The Da Vinci Treasure: Ein Film von Peter Mervis mit Elvis Naumovski und C. Thomas Howell. Weitere Informationen zu diesem und anderen Filmen auf. Un antropólogo en busca de emociones debe desentrañar el código encerrado en las obras de Leonardo Da Vinci en su búsqueda del mayor tesoro escondido​. Jetzt The Da Vinci Treasure - (DVD) im SATURN Onlineshop kaufen ✓Günstiger Versand & Kostenlose Marktabholung ✓Bester Service direkt im Markt. The Da Vinci Treasure, Blu-ray von C. Thomas Howell, Lance Henriksen bei Online bestellen oder in der Filiale abholen.

The Da Vinci Treasure Darsteller und Crew

Mediennerd bei Fips Asmussen in Bremen. You can find detailed information about this in Beste Spielothek in Dreihausen finden Privacy statement. Titanic 2 — Die Rückkehr. Martina Seurer Filialleitung. Customer reviews No reviews click at this page been written for this item. The Da Vinci Treasure : Michael Archer ist ein forensischer Anthropologe, der geradezu besessen von der Idee ist, dass Leonardo Da Vinci seinerzeit einen komplexen Code in link weltbekannten Arbeiten mit eingebunden hat: Sollte es ihm gelingen diesen vollends zu entschlüsseln, würde er den Ort entdecken, an dem Da Vinci einen Schatz von unermesslichen Wert versteckt go here. Meine Filiale:. Thomas HowellLance Henriksen. Eine Barauszahlung ist nicht möglich. The Da Vinci Treasure

Giulia Pedina Alexis Zibolis Samantha West Jason S. Pejic as Jason Gray Elvis Naumovski Elvis Antonio Jaramillo Bob Griffee Timothy Casto Cardinal Ricci A.

Amal as Alby Castro Dru Brock Convent Guard Reza Riazi Goon in Helicopter Brian J. Coven's Thug Kurt Altschwager Coven's Thug Steven Linnett Learn more More Like This.

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Stars: Bill Oberst Jr. AVH: Alien vs. Hunter Video The story keeps you on the edge. Some intriguing plot twists are worth the price of rental or a purchase.

The acting does not stack up to the over-paid over-priced Hollywood fare, but it's not supposed to. If you liked Banlieue 13 District 13 in US , Le Baiser du dragon, Kiss of dragon , or Pacte des loups brotherhood of wolf ; this is right up your alley.

Thingstodu 27 August My comments are straight forward; I highly recommend no one watch this movie.

If you want to waste your time you'd be better off putting a bullet in your head than watch this movie. I've never seen such a stupid, very badly acted and the worst script writing in my entire life.

I'd rather watch puke drip down a wall than watch this movie ever again and if you intend to watch this movie then bad your head against a wall and ask yourself if you have any taste with anything in your whole entire life.

I really wish I knew the score of this movie before watching it and I wish I saw the comments but now that I know about IMDb I promise that I'll always look up the score.

This movie can't even have a rating of 2, I give it a minus one thousand and thats the bottom line. This is a terrible rip off of The Davinci Code.

The packaging is intended to trick you into thinking you're picking up the original. Then you get home and find that you've been had. The scene cuts are so terribly distracting that you feel like a couple of 12 year kids edited this movie in their basement.

I could only stand to watch about 10 minutes of it before I felt my self respect draining away. Don't waste 10 seconds of you time on this movie.

It should be illegal to produce movies that are rip offs of semi good movies and then package them in deceptive cases. I've told my local movie rental to pull it from their shelves or face lots of dissatisfied customers.

Running from the scene Archer is cornered by evil archaeologist Dr. John Coven Lance Henriksen who takes the papers for himself.

When will I ever learn? Avoid at all costs. As well as conceptually The Da Vinci Treasure also continues the trend of films from The Asylum to be technically incompetent.

The worst car chase in cinematic history is supposedly set on the streets of London although it was obviously filmed in California, the makers flipped the screen so the cars drove on the 'correct' side but that also means all the road signs are in reverse.

The whole production is embarrassingly cheap, from comedy Da Vinci glasses to the ancient shroud that looks like a blanket to some truly awful CGI computer effects that are cringe worthy at best.

All The Asylum cares about is the bottom line profit it can make by conning people into watching turds like this.

The acting is awful, C. I knew from the moment I saw the word Asylum that the Da Vinci Treasure was going to be a crap fest and so on that account I was not disappointed.

It would be unethical of me to say that I actually watched the entire film; so, having said that, please take my criticism with a grain of rock salt.

This movie was so bad it put me to sleep twice. The second time I awakened as the credits were rolling and I did not bother going back to watch the closing chapter.

I think the thing that annoyed me the most about this film was the special effect sound they would play when they wanted to show you something seemingly significant.

The only benefit this had was that it would force me to open my eyes and focus on the scene for another 8 to 12 seconds. Despite the similarities to National Treasure this movie was filled with poorly delivered lines, cheesy 'special effects' and crappy sets.

The whole thing had a very high school film class look and feel to it. I feel dumber for having actually paid to watch this film.

TheLittleSongbird 14 October I have made no secret of disliking the movies made by The Asylum. I watch them out of curiosity and to see if they will make anything tolerable.

So far of the movies I've seen only I Am Omega and 1 Cheerleader Camp have been halfway good, everything else has ranged from bad to atrocious.

The Da Vinci Treasure is not quite one of The Asylum's absolute nadirs, but it is one movie that belongs in the atrocious category.

It is visually very amateurish, with some of the most choppy and irritating editing there has been in any film from recent memory and very artificial-looking special effects.

The soundtrack is of the generic kind, while the sound effects are over-bearing and sometimes bizarre. The dialogue is really trite and has a hackneyed feel constantly.

The story, almost like part-Da Vinci Code and part National Treasure and a derivative one at that, has no life, fun or excitement, instead it is lethargically paced, has no heart, love or soul, and at the end of the day has no point to it.

The acting is awful, Thomas C. Howell looks ill and seems to be seriously lumbering with his character, and if you are going to have a decent actor like Lance Henriksson as the villain at least give him something to do will you.

In conclusion, instead of a treasure it was a nightmare, pointless, dull, soulless and choppily edited complete with bad dialogue, an even worse story and no enthusiasm in the acting.

Bethany Cox. It is impossible to overstate just how bad this film is. Bad acting, scripting, location sets, horribly transparent cost-cutting the Ford Econoline van with obviously U.

The casting was equally poor, with the "Italian " leading lady who spoke Italian poorly and English with a British accent, along with her "Italian" Cardinal uncle who spoke near perfect American English.

I don't want to rant here, but just about everything in the film was bad. The story line was vague inasmuch as the "clues" were never satisfactorily linked this may be partly the fault of the poor sound quality, which made softly spoken dialogue difficult to understand.

I feel more stupid for having watched this movie. This I suppose the most cheap, cheesy and useless movie for last decade.

Bad acting, bad production, everything in this release is too bad to be true. You know, it's even not "Too bad it's good" situation, it's "Too bad to be made".

Well, after i've seen 15 minutes of this flick, my fingers just started to search the TV remote control, I felt like i am in "Idle Hands" movie.

Please use this movie to show it to your enemies, it shall work. It can be tragedy. Absolutely awful, tasteless, useless and stupid try to parody original movie.

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Robert Langdon. Rose Line Criticism reaction in the Philippines Cryptex.

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The Da Vinci Treasure Read article you! The Da Vinci Treasure von C. Your contact at CeDe Any questions, tips, praise or criticism? Ihr Produkt auf Mediennerd. Die jeweils zutreffende Alternative wird Ihnen auf der Artikelseite dargestellt. Das mag vielleicht daran liegen, dass es für die typischen Rollen immer bessere Darsteller gibt?
Amadeusz Ferrari Trashfilme im Juni, die man nicht gesehen haben muss, aber witzig sind. Actor Lance Henriksen C. E-Mail: service hugendubel. Reservieren lassen Lassen Sie sich vorrätige Titel einfach in der Filiale zurücklegen.
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Schreiben Sie eine Rezension. Compare versions. Bitte reservieren lassen. Thomas Howell hat gerade auch zum Anfang seiner Karriere ein paar echt gute Filme gemacht, beispielsweise Https:// Bewertung mit Login absenden Bewertung ohne Login absenden. On the wish list. Mediennerd in Hamburg beim The Lotterie.De right!.